FreeRunner on screen Keyboard shot

OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner onscreen keyboard

A new shot – OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner On screen keyboard. Its kinda similar to the videos I saw on Youtube but with more screen space. Looks pretty neat. It looks different (has to) from the “Cupcake” on screen keyboard that’s on youtube (unreleased Android Update) probably cause they (koolu) are making their own version.

This one has more screen space than the unreleased “Cupcake” on-screen keyboard I saw on Youtube. It looks quite cool. I’m guessing Koolu is making its own.

What remains to be seen is FreeRunner’s touch performance. This is where the hardware pulls in and where iPhone excels in.

We will have to see how well FreeRunner’s touch works. The iPhone is really good at that, having acquired Fingerworks, whose R&D made multitouch and gestures possible and holds a whole bunch of patents.

Neo Freerunner’s price is $279 for the Developer edition with git Koolu image. Koolu has been working on an Android image but it’s not ready for retail. You’ll need to have a lot experience with Linux and probably to do some app testing. Android for Freerunner is for developers. Updates will be available here and will have to be installed using a computer running Linux.

Open Moko Freerunner Android shots